Stocks in Financial

Companies in the Financial sector work with money, so they include banks and credit card companies, as well as insurance companies. Because the financial sector is such a large part of the world economy, stocks in this sector tend to follow global economic trends. When the world economy is humming, finance is great. Otherwise... yikes.

Every stock sector groups stocks related by a particular type of industry. This allows you to compare businesses of similar types. For example, stocks of mining companies are more similar than they are to stocks of financial companies. Even though there are differences between companies within a sector, the performance of a stock relative to its sector as a whole can give you interesting information.

Based on our research, these stocks we track in the Financial stock sector have these value investing characteristics. If you have an interest in this sector or special knowledge about it, you can use this table to find stocks which may be great values—stocks you may wish to own.

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
First American Financial Corporation
$74.72 none
Greenlight Capital Re, Ltd.
$7.60 none
Independent Bank Corp.
$83.67 none
Riverview Bancorp
$7.41 none
BNY Mellon Strategic Municipals
$8.43 none
Donegal Group
$14.84 none
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
$11.10 none
Cullen/Frost Bankers
$131.66 none
Lake Shore Bancorp
$14.94 none
$108.64 none
National Bankshares
$36.81 none
Huntington Bancshares Incorporated
$16.64 none
Southern Missouri Bancorp
$48.29 none
PIMCO Income Strategy Fund II
$9.89 none
First United Corporation
$18.60 10%
The Gabelli Multimedia Trust
$9.44 none
C&F Financial Corporation
$52.72 none
BNY Mellon High Yield Strategies Fund
$3.31 none
Raymond James Financial
$102.00 none
The Marketing Alliance
$2.80 none
LCNB Corp.
$17.38 none
Capital City Bank Group
$26.98 none
Peoples Bancorp
$33.22 none
BlackRock MuniHoldings California Quality Fund
$15.13 none
Pioneer Floating Rate Trust
$11.68 none
$27.78 50%
Capital Southwest Corporation
$28.34 none
Lincoln National Corporation
$75.72 30%
Tri City Bankshares Corporation
$21.43 none
BlackRock Enhanced Capital and Income Fund
$21.47 none
$83.89 20%
Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Fund
$19.22 none
Banner Corporation
$60.39 none
Voya Global Advantage and Premium Opportunity Fund
$9.95 none
Moody's Corporation
$385.10 none
FB Financial Corporation
$46.70 none
International Bancshares Corporation
$43.23 none
Northern Trust Corporation
$123.39 none
Apollo Global Management
$79.96 none
Invesco Ltd.
$24.75 30%
Ivy Funds - Ivy High Income Opportunities Fund
$14.02 none
Swedbank AB (publ)
$22.77 none
First Bancorp
$47.70 none
First Commonwealth Financial Corporation
$14.54 none
Arrow Financial Corporation
$35.95 none
Oconee Financial Corporation
$41.50 none
Atlanticus Holdings Corporation
$70.34 none
First Trust/Aberdeen Global Opportunity Income Fund
$10.14 none
Stock Yards Bancorp
$64.66 none
S&P Global
$447.37 none
Principal Financial Group
$69.64 40%
Guggenheim Strategic Opportunities Fund
$19.37 none
Park National Corporation
$127.40 none
Unity Bancorp
$25.23 none
Lazard Global Total Return and Income Fund
$20.44 none
United Bancorp
$15.00 none
Codorus Valley Bancorp
$22.17 none
Selective Insurance Group
$79.87 none
Oak Valley Bancorp
$17.65 none
Safety Insurance Group
$81.25 none
Glacier Bancorp
$55.81 none
$44.00 none
MFS Charter Income Trust
$8.66 none
PCM Fund
$11.09 none
Oaktree Specialty Lending Corporation
$7.42 none
CNO Financial Group
$26.05 none
Advent Convertible and Income Fund
$19.14 none
Atlantic Capital Bancshares
$27.97 none
Nuveen Preferred Securities Income Fund
$9.90 none
Commerzbank AG
$7.55 none
DNP Select Income Fund
$10.90 none
Lakeland Bancorp
$18.39 none
The Goldman Sachs Group
$414.75 none
Chubb Limited
$188.07 none
Upstart Holdings
$359.81 none
Navient Corporation
$19.87 none
Jefferies Financial Group
$43.32 none
The National Security Group
$10.11 60%
Encore Capital Group
$52.75 none
TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp.
$17.44 none
Dominion Resources Black Warrior Trust
$0.00 none
MoneyGram International
$6.86 none
Bank of South Carolina Corporation
$20.00 none
Diamond Hill Investment Group
$195.90 none
Horizon Bancorp
$18.95 none
Horace Mann Educators Corporation
$40.34 10%
Global Indemnity Limited
$25.56 none
BlackRock Enhanced Global Dividend Trust
$12.13 none
Washington Federal
$36.07 none
Federal National Mortgage Association
$0.83 none
First Republic Bank
$215.58 none
Sound Financial Bancorp
$43.66 none
Templeton Global Income Fund
$5.46 none
Univest Financial Corporation
$29.12 none
BBVA Banco Francés S.A.
$4.36 none
Aon Plc
$320.11 none
Prudential plc
$40.94 none
Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Income Fund
$9.89 none
Eagle Point Credit Company
$14.04 none
PIMCO Strategic Income Fund
$7.37 none
Cambridge Bancorp
$92.76 none
Green Dot Corporation
$44.31 none
Old Point Financial Corporation
$20.97 none
National Western Life Group
$223.50 70%
Capstar Financial Holdings
$22.46 70%
Webster Financial Corporation
$58.78 none
Republic Bancorp
$53.80 none
F.N.B. Corporation
$12.11 none
Horizon Technology Finance Corporation
$17.18 none
First Horizon National Corporation
$16.97 none
Ally Financial
$51.36 none
Adams Diversified Equity Fund
$20.94 none
Cathay General Bancorp
$43.95 none
Hellenic Exchanges - Athens Stock Exchange SA
$9.18 none
Farmers National Banc Corp.
$17.06 none
Heartland Financial USA
$51.95 none
Mercantile Bank Corporation
$35.18 none
$164.58 none
The Central and Eastern Europe Fund
$31.38 none
Cohen & Steers
$93.40 none
Banco Santander, S.A.
$3.88 none
$65.64 40%
Home Federal Bancorp, Inc. of Louisiana
$18.90 none
The Hartford Financial Services Group
$73.80 none
China Finance Online Co. Limited
$7.90 none
Fiduciary/Claymore Energy Infrastructure Fund
$11.84 none
Live Oak Bancshares
$71.70 none
MarketAxess Holdings
$407.25 none
First Financial Northwest
$16.45 none
SB Financial Group
$18.30 none
Genworth Financial
$4.44 90%
Kemper Corporation
$68.61 none
BlackRock Capital Investment Corporation
$4.31 none
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.
$17.24 none
The Allstate Corporation
$129.00 none
Ambac Financial Group
$16.90 none
Tekla Life Sciences Investors
$21.20 none
Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt Fund
$9.04 none
Independent Bank Corporation
$21.97 none
First Community Corporation
$19.68 none
Meridian Bancorp
$22.83 none
Brookfield Real Assets Income Fund
$21.85 none
Kingstone Companies
$5.98 none
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.
$16.01 none
Wells Fargo Advantage Multi-Sector Income Fund
$13.02 none
Elevate Credit
$3.72 none
Central Pacific Financial Corp.
$27.30 none
Westpac Banking Corporation
$19.43 none
Pinnacle Financial Partners
$99.55 none
The Cushing MLP & Infrastructure Total Return Fund
$35.47 none
John Hancock Premium Dividend Fund
$17.07 none
The New Germany Fund
$19.89 none
Calamos Global Total Return Fund
$15.80 none
Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Dividend Income Fund
$29.22 none
Arch Capital Group Ltd.
$43.34 none
1st Source Corporation
$49.66 none
ORIX Corporation
$95.13 none
LPL Financial Holdings
$174.62 none
Bank OZK
$45.90 none
Main Street Capital Corporation
$43.87 none
Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund
$16.48 none
Delaware Investments Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II
$14.01 none
National Bank of Canada
$83.61 none
Umpqua Holdings Corporation
$21.03 none
Silvercrest Asset Management Group
$15.98 none
1st Constitution Bancorp
$24.35 none
Solar Senior Capital Ltd.
$15.53 none
Lazard Ltd
$52.97 none
HomeTrust Bancshares
$29.79 none
SVB Financial Group
$746.01 none
Lakeland Financial Corporation
$78.89 none
Artisan Partners Asset Management
$50.86 none
First Interstate BancSystem
$42.69 none
$169.80 none
Eagle Capital Growth Fund
$9.25 none
Pioneer Municipal High Income Advantage Trust
$11.39 none
Union Bankshares
$32.44 none
Valley National Bancorp
$13.93 none
BlackRock TCP Capital Corp.
$14.31 none
John Hancock Preferred Income Fund III
$19.68 none
Great Western Bancorp
$34.74 none
American Equity Investment Life Holding Company
$34.00 30%
Community Trust Bancorp
$44.04 none
Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust
$4.03 none
Tekla Healthcare Opportunities Fund
$23.95 none
Summit State Bank
$18.80 none
Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund
$2.48 none
TriState Capital Holdings
$30.65 none
Western Asset High Income Fund II
$7.28 none
Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund
$10.28 none
Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina
$28.18 none
CCFNB Bancorp
$51.50 none
$37.69 none
Bank of Hawaii Corporation
$87.70 none
Invesco Municipal Income Opportunities Trust
$7.78 none
U.S. Bancorp
$62.52 none
Bank of America Corporation
$47.51 none
Truist Financial Corporation
$64.57 none
Virtu Financial
$26.40 none
Oxbridge Re Holdings Limited
$3.09 none
KB Financial Group
$50.17 none
Sun Life Financial
$57.12 none
Wintrust Financial Corporation
$92.11 none
Qiwi plc
$9.36 none
AllianceBernstein Holding L.P.
$55.60 none
TriCo Bancshares
$44.75 none
HSBC Holdings plc
$30.50 none
Wells Fargo Advantage Funds - Wells Fargo Income Opportunities Fund
$8.88 none
White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd.
$1109.99 none
Emclaire Financial Corp
$27.20 none
Credit Acceptance Corporation
$618.90 none
Texas Capital Bancshares
$59.58 none
Zurich Insurance Group AG
$43.32 none
Farmers & Merchants Bancorp
$940.00 none
County Bancorp
$34.66 none
FedNat Holding Company
$2.52 80%
Brown & Brown
$66.46 none
Enstar Group Limited
$238.71 none
Trustmark Corporation
$33.90 none
Provident Financial Holdings
$16.74 none
ESSA Bancorp
$15.95 10%
Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust
$13.49 none
First Financial Corporation
$42.82 none
Heritage Financial Corporation
$25.08 none
Northeast Bank
$35.06 none
Home Bancorp
$39.45 none
Ellington Financial
$18.59 none
Bank of Marin Bancorp
$38.52 none
Employers Holdings
$40.97 none
Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company
$244.81 none
HDFC Bank Limited
$76.68 none
Hope Bancorp
$14.99 none
Banco Santander Mexico, S.A., Institucion de Banca Multiple, Grupo Financiero Santander Mexico
$5.71 none
Fulton Financial Corporation
$16.81 none
Eaton Vance Municipal Income Trust
$13.62 none
Assured Guaranty Ltd.
$55.25 none
First Community Bankshares
$32.82 none
Macatawa Bank Corporation
$8.40 none
Erie Indemnity Company
$200.87 none
AllianzGI Dividend, Interest & Premium Strategy Fund
$15.60 none
Hennessy Advisors
$10.95 none
Affiliated Managers Group
$166.79 none
ING Groep N.V.
$15.28 none
State Auto Financial Corporation
$51.24 none
People's United Financial
$18.64 none
Northeast Community Bancorp
$10.87 none
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group
$6.67 none
Kansas City Life Insurance Company
$41.05 40%
BayCom Corp
$18.45 none
Shore Bancshares
$17.96 none
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fund
$7.32 none
Reaves Utility Income Fund
$33.87 none
First Savings Financial Group
$27.90 none
Athene Holding Ltd.
$90.11 none
DWS Municipal Income Trust
$11.57 none
Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation
$47.65 none
Fifth Third Bancorp
$45.58 none
Saratoga Investment Corp.
$29.02 none
B. Riley Financial
$64.44 none
Civista Bancshares
$25.23 none
$201.50 none
Great Southern Bancorp
$56.59 none
Enterprise Financial Services Corp
$48.43 none
$42.00 none
Ames National Corporation
$23.58 none
Renasant Corporation
$38.79 none
UBS Group AG
$17.77 70%
CaixaBank, S.A.
$3.00 none
The Southern Banc Company
$5.00 none
First Busey Corporation
$26.33 none
Home Bancshares, Inc. (Conway, AR)
$24.52 none
Morgan Stanley
$101.91 none
Mizuho Financial Group
$2.65 none
Citizens Financial Group
$50.31 none
$233.88 none
Nedbank Group Limited
$11.89 none
Pioneer High Income Trust
$10.01 none
Grupo Supervielle S.A.
$2.47 none
Fidelity National Financial
$49.77 none
Eagle Financial Services
$34.00 none
Universal Insurance Holdings
$13.69 none
The Toronto-Dominion Bank
$72.29 30%
Virtus Investment Partners
$332.95 none
Piper Sandler Companies
$166.24 none
$152.38 none
PIMCO Corporate & Income Strategy Fund
$18.14 none
Columbia Seligman Premium Technology Growth Fund
$34.94 none
Santander Consumer USA Holdings
$41.75 none
Enova International
$35.21 none
Center Coast Brookfield MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund
$15.53 none
New Mountain Finance Corporation
$13.93 none
AllianzGI Equity & Convertible Income Fund
$30.65 none
Carver Bancorp
$15.22 none
ConnectOne Bancorp
$32.87 none
Ares Capital Corporation
$21.30 none
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
$170.94 10%
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
$121.59 40%
PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund
$26.51 none
BNP Paribas SA
$33.82 none
Guaranty Federal Bancshares
$23.97 none
Credit Agricole S.A.
$7.54 none
Calvin B. Taylor Bankshares
$36.00 none
Sterling Bancorp
$26.93 none
Banco Santander-Chile
$18.58 none
Delaware Investments National Municipal Income Fund
$13.77 none
Markel Corporation
$1330.53 none
Independent Bank Group
$75.43 none
Greenhill & Co.
$15.83 40%
Fifth Third Bancorp
$28.43 none
OneMain Holdings
$54.13 none
Greene County Bancorp
$33.38 none
Franklin Resources
$31.11 20%
SEI Investments Company
$63.99 none
Western Asset Mortgage Opportunity Fund
$15.88 none
Tompkins Financial Corporation
$83.74 none
$37.50 none
Bank of Montreal
$110.81 none
Radian Group
$24.37 none
Northwest Bancshares
$14.31 none
Special Opportunities Fund
$15.74 none
City Holding Company
$80.81 none
Oxford Lane Capital Corp.
$7.85 none
$162.04 none
BGC Partners
$5.52 none
$2.79 none
Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opportunities Fund
$16.52 none
Old Republic International Corporation
$25.04 none
First Merchants Corporation
$43.35 none
PIMCO Corporate & Income Opportunity Fund
$17.96 none
First Citizens BancShares
$846.49 none
Meta Financial Group
$62.79 none
Calamos Strategic Total Return Fund
$18.71 none
Bank of China Limited
$8.87 none
BOK Financial Corporation
$102.92 none
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
$5.72 none
John Hancock Preferred Income Fund II
$21.90 none
TPG Specialty Lending
$23.68 none
Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust
$7.12 none
National Bank of Greece S.A.
$3.09 none
Pintec Technology Holdings Limited
$0.92 none
The Blackstone Group
$139.57 none
CIT Group
$52.00 none
CaixaBank, S.A.
$0.99 none
Oppenheimer Holdings
$52.35 none
Nuveen Nasdaq 100 Dynamic Overwrite Fund
$29.48 none
Evans Bancorp
$39.94 none
Cincinnati Financial Corporation
$123.44 none
First Guaranty Bancshares
$20.66 none
Golub Capital BDC
$15.92 none
Berkshire Bancorp
$10.89 none
KKR Income Opportunities Fund
$16.45 none
Nomura Holdings
$4.81 none
GAMCO Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust
$3.96 none
Apollo Investment Corporation
$13.42 none
Tekla Healthcare Investors
$26.24 none
Jupai Holdings Limited
$1.08 none
Banco Macro S.A.
$18.26 none
The Progressive Corporation
$96.35 none
PacWest Bancorp
$47.72 none
ICICI Bank Limited
$21.87 none
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.
$149.78 none
WhiteHorse Finance
$15.56 none
T. Rowe Price Group
$206.69 none
NMI Holdings
$24.75 none
Salisbury Bancorp
$52.52 none
Brookline Bancorp
$16.14 none
First Capital
$40.70 none
Mid Penn Bancorp
$28.08 none
First Midwest Bancorp
$20.34 none
Prosperity Bancshares
$75.36 none
Brookfield Asset Management
$61.50 none
OFS Capital Corporation
$11.10 none
Kinsale Capital Group
$165.99 none
Wayne Savings Bancshares
$26.71 none
Citizens & Northern Corporation
$26.21 none
BancFirst Corporation
$64.67 none
AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund
$6.25 none
M&T Bank Corporation
$159.00 none
Essent Group Ltd.
$49.42 none
Columbia Banking System
$35.36 none
Waterstone Financial
$20.56 none
$14.84 none
HSBC Holdings plc
$6.09 none
Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equity Income Fund
$10.50 none
Tri-Continental Corporation
$34.77 none
Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund
$5.89 none
Community West Bancshares
$13.08 none
Independence Holding Company
$48.59 none
Hercules Capital
$17.54 none
CNB Financial Corporation
$25.02 none
AXIS Capital Holdings Limited
$52.63 20%
Hallmark Financial Services
$3.40 80%
NASB Financial
$64.75 20%
FS Bancorp
$35.18 none
AllianceBernstein National Municipal Income Fund
$14.80 none
Investors Title Company
$189.48 none
Penns Woods Bancorp
$23.52 none
$31.69 none
Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund
$3.40 none
The Community Financial Corporation
$37.04 none
Northfield Bancorp, Inc. (Staten Island, NY)
$17.49 none
GAMCO Investors
$27.25 80%
American Express Company
$182.31 none
Westwood Holdings Group
$18.01 60%
AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund II
$5.40 none
Flushing Financial Corporation
$23.84 none
Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Securities Income Fund
$22.33 none
Mastercard Incorporated
$360.86 none
First Financial Bancorp.
$24.84 none
National Australia Bank Limited
$10.88 none
KKR & Co.
$74.86 none
American Financial Group
$137.71 none
Territorial Bancorp
$25.07 none
WSFS Financial Corporation
$52.95 none
Nicolet Bankshares
$71.13 none
First Trust Energy Income and Growth Fund
$14.73 none
The First Bancorp
$29.67 none
Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund
$13.48 none
Synchrony Financial
$48.89 none
PIMCO Dynamic Credit and Mortgage Income Fund
$21.04 none
PRA Group
$41.87 none
World Acceptance Corporation
$208.40 none
Alleghany Corporation
$678.82 none
BCB Bancorp
$15.29 none
Discover Financial Services
$123.86 none
Monroe Capital Corporation
$10.22 none
U.S. Global Investors
$6.23 none
$6.60 none
AMEN Properties
$400.00 none
Plumas Bancorp
$37.65 none
The Carlyle Group L.P.
$55.63 none
Templeton Dragon Fund
$18.91 none
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation
$13.92 none
United Bancshares
$30.30 none
State Street Corporation
$98.60 none
$16.75 none
PayPal Holdings
$246.88 none
BlackRock Science and Technology Trust
$54.17 none
CME Group
$217.69 none
Central Valley Community Bancorp
$21.30 none
Banco Bradesco S.A.
$3.74 none
UMB Financial Corporation
$103.73 none
CCSB Financial Corp.
$17.90 none
Signature Bank
$312.40 none
Sandy Spring Bancorp
$48.94 none
RLI Corp.
$109.29 none
Gladstone Capital Corporation
$11.55 none
Preferred Bank
$71.05 none
Intercontinental Exchange
$133.04 none
MGIC Investment Corporation
$16.43 none
$36.95 none
Nicholas Financial
$11.77 50%
Delaware Investments Colorado Municipal Income Fund
$14.32 none
Royal Bank of Canada
$106.95 none
Orrstown Financial Services
$23.73 none
Ohio Valley Banc Corp.
$27.25 none
Southside Bancshares
$39.29 none
Maiden Holdings, Ltd.
$3.21 90%
$58.82 none
Prospect Capital Corporation
$8.43 none
West Bancorporation
$30.75 none
The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust
$13.51 none
Carter Bank & Trust
$14.98 none
Community Bank System
$73.71 none
Zions Bancorporation, National Association
$66.12 none
PennantPark Investment Corporation
$6.91 none
Brighthouse Financial
$52.40 none
BlackRock Income Trust
$6.09 none
Fidus Investment Corporation
$17.66 none
Nuveen Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio
$17.00 none
Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend and Income Fund
$10.15 none
China Life Insurance Company Limited
$9.08 none
American International Group
$59.64 20%
NBT Bancorp
$37.55 none
Yiren Digital Ltd.
$3.59 none
Barclays PLC
$11.18 none
$7.00 none
AllianzGI Diversified Income & Convertible Fund
$36.35 none
Norwood Financial Corp.
$25.43 none
First Bitcoin Capital Corp.
$0.00 none
The Bancorp
$32.31 none
Randolph Bancorp
$23.80 none
CVB Financial Corp.
$19.84 none
Amanasu Techno Holdings Corporation
$0.00 none
$7.50 none
QCR Holdings
$53.11 none
$15.91 none
WVS Financial Corp.
$15.58 none
CBRE Clarion Global Real Estate Income Fund
$9.06 none
PIMCO Income Opportunity Fund
$24.46 none
Royce Micro-Cap Trust
$11.82 none
Moelis & Company
$72.20 none
WisdomTree Investments
$6.22 none
PIMCO High Income Fund
$6.34 none
Value Line
$32.26 none
Clough Global Opportunities Fund
$12.64 none
Hanmi Financial Corporation
$21.17 none
Banco Santander (Brasil) S.A.
$6.40 none
Equity Bancshares
$34.04 none
Malvern Bancorp
$16.83 none
Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Opportunities Fund
$31.67 none
Ameris Bancorp
$54.96 none
Voya Global Equity Dividend and Premium Opportunity Fund
$6.03 none
Chemung Financial Corporation
$46.35 none
Hingham Institution for Savings
$348.75 none
Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund
$11.57 none
Associated Banc-Corp
$22.94 none
Western Asset Global High Income Fund
$10.17 none
Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A.
$11.90 none
S&T Bancorp
$31.56 none
ageas SA/NV
$49.14 none
Safeguard Scientifics
$8.36 none
Summit Financial Group
$25.67 none
Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated
$120.20 40%
Solar Capital Ltd.
$19.83 none
First Trust New Opportunities MLP & Energy Fund
$5.97 none
Bancolombia S.A.
$35.84 none
$93.46 none
Oconee Federal Financial Corp.
$24.66 none
Prudential Financial
$113.81 60%
$85.03 none
Mercury General Corporation
$56.86 none
First Bank
$15.10 none
Deutsche Borse AG
$16.77 none
Ocwen Financial Corporation
$34.06 90%
Newtek Business Services Corp.
$29.74 none
Westamerica Bancorporation
$57.15 none
Freddie Mac
$0.84 none
Janus Henderson Group plc
$44.99 none
TrustCo Bank Corp NY
$34.03 none
Nuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write Income Fund
$14.85 none
$13.54 none
Aflac Incorporated
$56.98 30%
Camden National Corporation
$48.83 none
Ameriprise Financial
$298.00 none
First Robinson Financial Corporation
$62.50 none
Manulife Financial Corporation
$20.27 none
American National Bankshares
$39.00 none
$6.41 40%
Neuberger Berman Real Estate Securities Income Fund
$5.01 none
The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
$59.40 none
Walker & Dunlop
$128.83 none
HCI Group
$129.71 none
Howard Bancorp
$21.19 none
First BanCorp.
$14.65 none
Republic First Bancorp
$3.24 none
Wells Fargo Advantage Utilities and High Income Fund
$14.12 none
Kearny Financial Corp.
$13.29 none
Invesco Municipal Trust
$13.18 none
$42.21 none
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft
$13.53 90%
Wells Fargo & Company
$50.62 none
FinVolution Group
$6.46 none
Stifel Financial Corp.
$77.66 none
The Western Union Company
$19.57 none
Capital One Financial Corporation
$168.68 10%
Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corporation
$33.52 none
Sierra Bancorp
$24.93 none
Bankwell Financial Group
$30.05 none
Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited
$412.14 none
Enterprise Bancorp
$36.90 none
Houlihan Lokey
$104.24 none
MFS Government Markets Income Trust
$4.23 none
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
$21.29 none
Old National Bancorp
$18.07 none
First Financial Bankshares
$50.71 none
Synovus Financial Corp.
$49.38 none
PIMCO Municipal Income Fund II
$14.11 none
John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Dividend Income Fund
$24.41 none
LendingClub Corporation
$35.64 none
Eagle Bancorp Montana
$22.25 none
CorVel Corporation
$173.54 none
PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd.
$13.35 none
Aegon N.V.
$5.22 none
Kayne Anderson Midstream/Energy Fund
$7.78 none
Calamos Convertible Opportunities and Income Fund
$15.78 none
Parke Bancorp
$22.59 none
Banco Santander, S.A.
$3.84 none
PJT Partners
$88.99 none
Voya Financial
$68.72 none
Aberdeen Income Credit Strategies Fund
$11.23 none
BancorpSouth Bank
$30.48 none
Farmers & Merchants Bancorp
$25.10 none
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund
$4.18 none
The Hanover Insurance Group
$132.03 none
United Fire Group
$21.65 60%
Peoples Financial Services Corp.
$46.42 none
$1.86 none
OceanFirst Financial Corp.
$22.39 none
Marlin Business Services Corp.
$22.33 none
Provident Financial Services
$24.97 none
Comerica Incorporated
$88.71 none
The Bank of Nova Scotia
$66.51 10%
Alliance Data Systems Corporation
$97.92 40%
Eaton Vance Municipal Income 2028 Term Trust
$22.40 none
Juniata Valley Financial Corp.
$16.20 none
The Swiss Helvetia Fund
$9.47 none
Noah Holdings Limited
$39.23 none
Regions Financial Corporation
$24.22 none
Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opportunity Fund
$12.75 none
FactSet Research Systems
$432.77 none
Unum Group
$27.69 60%
Cornerstone Total Return Fund
$13.10 none
Midland States Bancorp
$26.14 none
Pacific Financial Corporation
$12.00 none
Investors Bancorp
$16.04 none
Financial Institutions
$32.60 none
Credit Suisse Group AG
$10.58 70%
Stewart Information Services Corporation
$72.25 none
Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund
$5.19 none
CNA Financial Corporation
$46.19 none
Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida
$37.09 none
$70.83 50%
Goldman Sachs BDC
$19.06 none
$652.03 none
Calamos Convertible and High Income Fund
$16.46 none
Old Second Bancorp
$13.74 none
First Trust High Income Long/Short Fund
$16.02 none
Neuberger Berman High Yield Strategies Fund
$13.10 none
$44.09 none
First Business Financial Services
$29.18 none
Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Income Fund
$16.44 none
First Keystone Corporation
$24.50 none
Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Fund II
$24.14 none
Western Alliance Bancorporation
$118.54 none
Manning & Napier
$9.66 none
The Gabelli Equity Trust
$6.98 none
Washington Trust Bancorp
$55.38 none
Hilltop Holdings
$35.04 none
TFS Financial Corporation
$19.97 none
The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited
$39.90 none
The Travelers Companies
$161.58 none
Simmons First National Corporation
$31.18 none
Triumph Bancorp
$116.63 none
DND Technologies
$0.06 none
Kayne Anderson MLP/Midstream Investment Company
$8.77 none
BlackRock Enhanced Equity Dividend Trust
$10.34 none
Eagle Bancorp
$57.11 none
Marsh & McLennan Companies
$169.13 none
Consumer Portfolio Services
$7.14 80%
Royce Value Trust
$18.95 none
Raiffeisen Bank International AG
$7.33 none
Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend Income Fund
$22.02 none
Banc of California
$20.72 none
OFG Bancorp
$27.29 none
German American Bancorp
$39.97 none
United Tennessee Bankshares
$23.80 none
BankFinancial Corporation
$11.39 none
PIMCO Global StocksPLUS & Income Fund
$10.97 none
ProAssurance Corporation
$23.31 10%
Timberland Bancorp
$28.11 none
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A.
$6.59 none
ACNB Corporation
$27.64 none
Medallion Financial Corp.
$8.37 none
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
$164.25 none
Loews Corporation
$57.66 none
First Trust/Aberdeen Emerging Opportunity Fund
$14.62 none
New York Community Bancorp
$13.97 none
Heritage Insurance Holdings
$6.83 30%
Itau Unibanco Holding S.A.
$4.29 none
Heritage Commerce Corp
$11.82 none
SLM Corporation
$18.74 none
MFS Intermediate Income Trust
$3.59 none
California First National Bancorp
$18.16 none
Pzena Investment Management, Inc
$11.02 20%
$24.07 none
$924.74 none
MFS High Yield Municipal Trust
$4.45 none
Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior, S.A
$19.14 none
Gladstone Investment Corporation
$15.38 none
BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund
$12.14 none
Commerce Bancshares
$72.39 none
The First of Long Island Corporation
$20.40 none
National Bank Holdings Corporation
$43.85 none
The PNC Financial Services Group
$216.56 none
Capitol Federal Financial
$11.85 none
Allegiance Bancshares
$40.19 none
Canadian Western Bank
$32.02 none
Lloyds Banking Group plc
$2.68 none
W. R. Berkley Corporation
$81.94 none
United Community Banks
$35.90 none
The Charles Schwab Corporation
$82.89 none
Regional Management Corp.
$55.85 none
The China Fund
$26.91 none
Century Bancorp
$115.20 none
Commerzbank AG
$7.55 none
American National Insurance Company
$189.00 none
PIMCO Income Strategy Fund
$11.25 none
Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A.
$13.67 70%
MidWestOne Financial Group
$31.32 none
Woori Financial Group
$33.15 none
Central Securities Corp.
$43.97 none
High Country Bancorp
$45.48 none
Invesco Trust for Investment Grade Municipals
$13.49 none
Ares Management Corporation
$83.59 none
Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
$123.44 none