Make Money in the Stock Market

Smart investors buy great stocks at good prices. You can do the same.

You don't have to get your MBA. You don't have to wrangle complicated spreadsheets. You don't have to spend nights and weekends poring over financial statements.

In three easy steps, you can take control of—and understand—your investments. We'll help you manage the numbers, but you're in charge of your investments, every step of the way.

1. Learn

Learn how the stock market works and how to become a great investor. Our How to Invest guide never talks down to you and always gets the point across. Find out why the stock market went up (or down) today, whether penny stocks are worth buying, the dirty little secret behind broker fees, and much, much more!

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2. Find

Pick great stocks (search for stocks by industry or stocks by sector) you know about and browse for hidden gems. We'll help you find great companies worth your attention.

3. Buy

We'll help you discover the right price to pay for your stocks—and we'll let you know when they go on sale. Our stock valuation method follows the wisdom of Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham and looks for bargains.

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