Stocks in Banks - Regional - US

Stocks in the Banks - Regional - US industry are also in the Financial sector.

Companies in the Financial sector work with money, so they include banks and credit card companies, as well as insurance companies. Because the financial sector is such a large part of the world economy, stocks in this sector tend to follow global economic trends. When the world economy is humming, finance is great. Otherwise... yikes.

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
Cambridge Bancorp
$88.98 none
BB&T Corporation
$52.00 none
Mid Penn Bancorp
$33.65 none
Old Second Bancorp
$14.75 none
Synovus Financial Corp.
$53.41 none
S&T Bancorp
$43.80 none
Bank of Marin Bancorp
$81.90 none
Southside Bancshares
$33.99 none
MidSouth Bancorp
$13.70 10%
OFG Bancorp
$14.90 none
Great Southern Bancorp
$58.67 none
Farmers Capital Bank Corporation
$53.00 none
Bridge Bancorp
$36.10 none
First Merchants Corporation
$46.58 none
Tompkins Financial Corporation
$87.32 none
Bank of Commerce Holdings
$12.40 none
Comerica Incorporated
$91.86 none
BOK Financial Corporation
$96.01 none
Old Line Bancshares
$34.99 none
Valley National Bancorp
$12.68 none
NBT Bancorp
$38.87 none
Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida
$31.80 none
United Bancshares
$21.85 none
Enterprise Financial Services Corp
$54.80 none
WSFS Financial Corporation
$53.85 none
Union Bankshares Corporation
$39.57 none
Peoples Financial Services Corp.
$47.06 none
Macatawa Bank Corporation
$12.32 none
Western Alliance Bancorporation
$57.33 none
Sussex Bancorp
$29.30 none
Central Pacific Financial Corp.
$28.97 none
$38.50 none
First Federal of Northern Michigan Bancorp
$8.90 none
Hancock Holding Company
$51.65 none
First Republic Bank
$97.41 none
The First Bancorp
$29.28 none
Chemung Financial Corporation
$51.69 none
M&T Bank Corporation
$168.50 none
Berkshire Hills Bancorp
$40.65 none
ACNB Corporation
$34.70 none
Capstar Financial Holdings
$19.61 80%
$25.85 none
First Interstate BancSystem
$42.40 none
First Community Corporation
$25.10 none
Park National Corporation
$110.12 none
TrustCo Bank Corp NY
$8.95 none
Farmers & Merchants Bancorp
$714.00 none
Washington Trust Bancorp
$58.70 none
CNB Financial Corporation
$30.43 none
$45.76 none
MidWestOne Financial Group
$33.54 none
Prosperity Bancshares
$68.38 none
Stewardship Financial Corporation
$11.05 none
Webster Financial Corporation
$65.05 none
CoBiz Financial
$21.69 none
Oak Valley Bancorp
$22.48 none
Tristate Capital Holdings
$25.90 none
Plumas Bancorp
$28.00 none
First Horizon National Corporation
$17.18 none
Boston Private Financial Holdings
$16.00 none
First Financial Northwest
$20.30 none
Stock Yards Bancorp
$38.35 none
Regions Financial Corporation
$17.64 none
Norwood Financial Corp.
$34.90 none
United Bancorp
$13.10 none
Juniata Valley Financial Corp.
$21.65 none
Wintrust Financial Corporation
$88.38 none
Sterling Bancorp
$23.05 none
Banner Corporation
$61.14 none
Evans Bancorp
$46.70 none
First BanCorp.
$7.88 20%
Associated Banc-Corp
$28.05 none
Pacific Financial Corporation
$11.92 none
First Financial Bancorp.
$31.60 none
Century Bancorp
$78.25 none
Brookline Bancorp
$18.40 none
First Bancorp
$40.71 none
Community West Bancshares
$11.85 none
First Community Bancshares
$31.76 none
Bank of South Carolina Corporation
$20.95 none
Summit Financial Group
$27.00 none
CVB Financial Corp.
$22.25 none
Shore Bancshares
$19.44 none
Old Point Financial Corporation
$29.06 none
Lakeland Financial Corporation
$48.37 none
Citizens & Northern Corporation
$27.10 none
Old National Bancorp
$18.80 none
Community Bank System
$61.35 none
Berkshire Bancorp
$13.00 none
The Community Financial Corporation
$35.35 none
CIT Group
$52.16 none
BCB Bancorp
$14.95 none
Simmons First National Corporation
$30.20 none
Independent Bank Corporation
$25.40 none
Union Bankshares
$52.90 none
Arrow Financial Corporation
$37.45 none
Guaranty Bancorp
$30.15 none
First Busey Corporation
$32.37 none
First Financial Bankshares
$52.60 none
Orrstown Financial Services
$26.05 none
The PNC Financial Services Group
$141.48 none
Heritage Commerce Corp
$16.81 none
United Community Banks
$30.20 none
Independent Bank Corp.
$79.65 none
First Financial Corporation
$46.90 none
Bank of Hawaii Corporation
$84.08 none
Heritage Financial Corporation
$34.85 none
Signature Bank
$124.63 none
Republic First Bancorp
$7.70 none
Central Valley Community Bancorp
$21.16 none
$45.92 none
BancorpSouth Bank
$33.60 none
First Commonwealth Financial Corporation
$15.88 none
Hilltop Holdings
$21.51 none
U.S. Bancorp
$51.30 none
Bar Harbor Bankshares
$30.19 none
Southern National Bancorp of Virginia
$17.11 none
Sandy Spring Bancorp
$42.50 none
Community Trust Bancorp
$49.85 none
F.N.B. Corporation
$13.33 none
Fidelity Southern Corporation
$25.75 none
Eagle Bancorp Montana
$19.00 none
Northfield Bancorp, Inc. (Staten Island, NY)
$16.84 none
City Holding Company
$76.44 none
Preferred Bank
$63.72 none
Farmers National Banc Corp.
$16.10 none
1st Constitution Bancorp
$21.35 none
American River Bankshares
$15.65 none
Horizon Bancorp
$20.58 none
Southwest Georgia Financial Corporation
$21.80 none
$20.06 none