Stocks in Asset Management

Stocks in the Asset Management industry are also in the Financial sector.

Companies in the Financial sector work with money, so they include banks and credit card companies, as well as insurance companies. Because the financial sector is such a large part of the world economy, stocks in this sector tend to follow global economic trends. When the world economy is humming, finance is great. Otherwise... yikes.

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
U.S. Global Investors
$1.50 none
AllianzGI Equity & Convertible Income Fund
$22.46 none
WhiteHorse Finance
$14.33 none
Special Opportunities Fund
$14.27 none
Capital Southwest Corporation
$21.09 none
Tekla Healthcare Investors
$19.99 none
Solar Capital Ltd.
$20.56 none
Invesco Ltd.
$17.45 30%
AMEN Properties
$755.50 none
Apollo Global Management, LLC
$43.93 none
Brookfield Real Assets Income Fund
$22.30 none
The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust
$10.88 none
Pzena Investment Management, Inc
$8.76 40%
Golub Capital BDC
$17.77 none
Eagle Point Credit Company
$14.47 none
BlackRock Capital Investment Corporation
$4.92 none
AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund II
$4.99 none
$21.36 none
Adams Diversified Equity Fund
$16.65 none
KKR & Co.
$29.84 none
Medley Management
$2.86 none
Tri-Continental Corporation
$28.03 none
Advent Claymore Convertible Securities and Income Fund
$15.09 none
Legg Mason
$38.90 none
Tekla Healthcare Opportunities Fund
$18.25 none
Piper Jaffray Companies
$76.25 50%
Noah Holdings Limited
$28.39 none
PIMCO Global StocksPLUS & Income Fund
$11.67 none
OFS Capital Corporation
$11.95 none
Janus Henderson Group plc
$24.82 none
Virtus Investment Partners
$117.16 none
SEI Investments Company
$62.77 none
WisdomTree Investments
$5.10 none
AllianzGI Diversified Income & Convertible Fund
$24.49 none
DNP Select Income Fund
$12.50 none
The Blackstone Group L.P.
$52.52 none
TPG Specialty Lending
$21.63 none
Saratoga Investment Corp.
$25.36 none
Columbia Seligman Premium Technology Growth Fund
$23.05 none
Encore Capital Group
$36.47 none
The Gabelli Multimedia Trust
$8.25 none
Medley Capital Corporation
$1.95 none
Harvest Capital Credit Corporation
$9.14 none
Alcentra Capital Corporation
$9.00 none
Franklin Resources
$27.73 30%
Jupai Holdings Limited
$1.73 none
The Swiss Helvetia Fund
$8.14 none
Fidus Investment Corporation
$15.35 none
Westwood Holdings Group
$31.29 20%
MVC Capital
$9.01 none
State Street Corporation
$72.54 none
Silvercrest Asset Management Group
$12.87 none
Cohen & Steers
$65.49 none
Garrison Capital
$5.79 none
The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
$48.57 none
Nuveen Energy MLP Total Return Fund
$0.00 none
Wins Finance Holdings
$11.15 none
B. Riley Financial
$28.22 none
Manning & Napier
$1.68 none
Tekla Life Sciences Investors
$16.69 none
Jefferies Financial Group
$19.09 none
Ares Capital Corporation
$18.66 none
Federated Investors
$33.29 none
Affiliated Managers Group
$85.00 40%
Gladstone Capital Corporation
$10.63 none
The Carlyle Group L.P.
$28.40 none
$1.54 none
Solar Senior Capital Ltd.
$17.83 none
BlackRock TCP Capital Corp.
$14.09 none
DND Technologies
$0.04 none
Ares Management Corporation
$31.57 none
Ameriprise Financial
$160.17 none
Horizon Technology Finance Corporation
$12.74 none
Nuveen Preferred Securities Income Fund
$10.06 none
Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opportunities Fund
$14.98 none
Waddell & Reed Financial
$16.38 20%
Newtek Business Services Corp.
$22.96 none
New Mountain Finance Corporation
$13.41 none
Oxford Lane Capital Corp.
$8.98 none
Central Securities Corp.
$31.85 none
Main Street Capital Corporation
$43.03 none
Voya Financial
$57.92 none
Safeguard Scientifics
$11.74 none
PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd.
$11.65 none
Capitala Finance Corp.
$8.56 none
Mesabi Trust
$21.75 none
PennantPark Investment Corporation
$5.96 none
Brookfield Asset Management
$57.42 none
Kayne Anderson MLP/Midstream Investment Company
$12.79 none
Gladstone Investment Corporation
$14.05 none
Prospect Capital Corporation
$6.46 none
Stellus Capital Investment Corporation
$14.16 none
Center Coast Brookfield MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund
$6.06 none
$490.96 none
Hennessy Advisors
$11.88 none
Royce Value Trust
$14.41 none
T. Rowe Price Group
$121.46 none
GAMCO Investors
$17.69 90%
KKR Income Opportunities Fund
$15.39 none
Northern Trust Corporation
$106.55 none
Invesco Municipal Trust
$12.14 none
Eaton Vance Corp.
$48.07 none
AllianzGI Convertible & Income Fund
$5.64 none
Artisan Partners Asset Management
$28.27 none
Apollo Investment Corporation
$16.41 none
TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp.
$14.81 none
PCM Fund
$11.41 none
The Gabelli Equity Trust
$6.14 none
Diamond Hill Investment Group
$148.38 none
AllianceBernstein Holding L.P.
$29.85 none