Stocks in Credit Services

Stocks in the Credit Services industry are also in the Financial sector.

Companies in the Financial sector work with money, so they include banks and credit card companies, as well as insurance companies. Because the financial sector is such a large part of the world economy, stocks in this sector tend to follow global economic trends. When the world economy is humming, finance is great. Otherwise... yikes.

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
$6.49 60%
Alliance Data Systems Corporation
$124.87 20%
$1.97 none
Qiwi plc
$10.70 none
Medallion Financial Corp.
$9.02 none
OneMain Holdings
$56.97 none
Marlin Business Services Corp.
$22.33 none
MoneyGram International
$8.03 none
Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
$102.29 10%
Pintec Technology Holdings Limited
$0.85 none
$74.99 30%
LendingClub Corporation
$14.50 none
$75.60 none
Mastercard Incorporated
$375.40 none
The Western Union Company
$25.11 none
Discover Financial Services
$119.46 none
Santander Consumer USA Holdings
$35.93 none
Yiren Digital Ltd.
$3.67 none
$232.12 none
ORIX Corporation
$82.75 none
World Acceptance Corporation
$134.29 20%
Enova International
$36.85 none
Navient Corporation
$17.34 none
Nicholas Financial
$10.34 50%
SLM Corporation
$20.66 none
PayPal Holdings
$253.36 none
Consumer Portfolio Services
$4.30 90%
Credit Acceptance Corporation
$424.03 none
PRA Group
$39.27 none
Regional Management Corp.
$44.17 none
Capital One Financial Corporation
$157.71 10%
Elevate Credit
$3.55 none
Synchrony Financial
$45.90 none
Ally Financial
$54.10 none
American Express Company
$158.98 none
Green Dot Corporation
$44.79 none