Stocks in Healthcare

Companies in the Healthcare sector are mostly pharmaceutical companies which make and sell drugs. Other companies perform biotechology and produce and sell medical equipment. One huge source of volatility in this sector is FDA approval of drugs. Another is the patent protection for new drugs.

Every stock sector groups stocks related by a particular type of industry. This allows you to compare businesses of similar types. For example, stocks of mining companies are more similar than they are to stocks of financial companies. Even though there are differences between companies within a sector, the performance of a stock relative to its sector as a whole can give you interesting information.

Based on our research, these stocks we track in the Healthcare stock sector have these value investing characteristics. If you have an interest in this sector or special knowledge about it, you can use this table to find stocks which may be great values—stocks you may wish to own.

Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
Imprimis Pharmaceuticals
$4.07 none
Cara Therapeutics
$0.00 none
Eagle Pharmaceuticals
$45.71 none
$0.00 none
Health Insurance Innovations
$0.00 none
Spark Therapeutics
$0.00 none
$0.00 none
Innocoll Holdings plc
$0.00 none
ContraVir Pharmaceuticals
$0.00 none
Kite Pharma
$50.90 none
Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings
$0.00 none
$0.00 none
$0.00 none
Sorrento Therapeutics
$0.00 none
Infinity Pharmaceuticals
$1.35 none
Delcath Systems
$0.09 none
Sophiris Bio
$0.00 none
$0.00 none
Blueprint Medicines Corporation
$0.00 none
Loxo Oncology
$0.00 none
Asterias Biotherapeutics
$0.00 none
SIGA Technologies
$2.96 none
Diversicare Healthcare Services
$11.09 none
$0.00 none
St. Jude Medical
$80.82 none
Eleven Biotherapeutics
$0.00 none
Enzymotec Ltd.
$0.00 none
The Spectranetics Corporation
$23.40 none
ImmuCell Corp.
$5.66 none
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
$373.00 none
Cymabay Therapeutics
$0.00 none
SciClone Pharmaceuticals
$9.75 none
Glaukos Corporation
$34.26 none
Alder Biopharmaceuticals
$31.07 none
ANI Pharmaceuticals
$58.19 none
Intra-Cellular Therapies
$44.48 none
Theravance Biopharma
$0.00 none
Neurocrine Biosciences
$41.98 none
Anavex Life Sciences Corp.
$7.73 none
$2.23 none
Insulet Corporation
$42.88 none
Alliance Healthcare Services
$10.10 none
Akebia Therapeutics
$9.09 none
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals
$3.42 none
IntelliPharmaCeutics International
$2.31 none
$20.91 none
Alkermes plc
$58.88 none
Concert Pharmaceuticals
$17.39 none
Immune Design Corp.
$7.52 none
Universal American Corp
$9.98 none
$0.19 none
Insmed Incorporated
$15.81 none
Synthetics Biologics
$0.87 none
Nektar Therapeutics
$22.42 none
Merit Medical Systems
$28.73 none
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
$8.30 none
Tandem Diabetes Care
$1.25 none
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals
$17.14 none
BioSpecifics Technologies Corp.
$50.73 none
LifePoint Health
$62.05 40%
AAC Holdings
$7.98 none
Keryx Biopharmaceuticals
$5.65 none
$63.78 none
Vical Incorporated
$2.15 none
U.S. Physical Therapy
$63.55 none
bluebird bio
$88.10 none
$1.82 none
Nivalis Therapeutics
$2.84 none
$57.52 none
$130.96 none
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
$69.15 none
InfuSystem Holdings
$3.15 none
Alimera Sciences
$1.47 none
HealthSouth Corporation
$41.99 none
Aduro BioTech
$13.67 none
Esperion Therapeutics
$11.09 none
aTyr Pharma
$3.55 none
Bioblast Pharma Ltd.
$1.53 none
Clovis Oncology
$70.32 none
Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc
$0.05 none
Impax Laboratories
$9.25 none
Cigna Corporation
$145.82 none
Intrexon Corporation
$26.39 none
Neogen Corporation
$63.95 none
Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated
$10.12 none
$62.44 none
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
$55.89 none
Amicus Therapeutics
$7.24 none
Jaguar Animal Health
$1.00 none
KaloBios Pharmaceuticals
$4.07 none
Revance Therapeutics
$13.73 none
Mesa Laboratories
$120.01 none
The Cooper Companies
$199.80 none
Cerus Corporation
$4.10 none
$1.10 none
$7.65 none
Bio-Rad Laboratories
$200.41 none
Apricus Biosciences
$2.25 none
Seventy Seven Energy
$42.83 none
Globus Medical
$29.96 none
Centene Corporation
$68.73 none
Quidel Corporation
$21.84 none
AcelRx Pharmaceuticals
$3.08 none
The Providence Service Corporation
$43.23 none
XOMA Corporation
$6.76 none
Amarin Corporation plc
$3.19 none
Acadia Healthcare Company
$41.93 none
Sarepta Therapeutics
$25.01 none
$42.29 none
InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp.
$4.00 none
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals
$0.71 none
$23.60 none
$2.55 none
$23.70 none
Prima Biomed Ltd.
$2.50 none
$3.94 none
Emergent BioSolutions
$28.82 none
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals
$4.11 none
Diplomat Pharmacy
$14.79 none
$6.39 none
CTI BioPharma Corp.
$4.30 none
Atrion Corporation
$468.30 none
GW Pharmaceuticals plc
$95.34 none
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
$3.01 none
Juno Therapeutics
$30.81 none
Analogic Corporation
$73.10 none
ICON Public Limited Company
$78.94 none
Trinity Biotech plc
$12.97 none
$165.74 none
Enerplus Corporation
$0.00 none
$17.15 none
DURECT Corporation
$0.94 none
BioMarin Pharmaceutical
$87.37 none
Antares Pharma
$2.76 none
PAREXEL International Corporation
$62.35 none
Cytori Therapeutics
$1.65 none
Inovio Pharmaceuticals
$6.05 none
Opko Health
$7.85 none
Genesis Healthcare
$2.53 none
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals
$14.20 none
OraSure Technologies
$12.13 none
Galectin Therapeutics
$2.20 none
Universal Health Services
$121.89 none
RTI Surgical
$3.75 none
Titan Pharmaceuticals
$0.00 none
Dynatronics Corporation
$2.95 none
Exact Sciences Corporation
$21.08 none
Eli Lilly and Company
$84.18 none
$6.12 none
Perrigo Company plc
$67.96 40%
$5.80 none
Fonar Corporation
$17.85 none
Fluidigm Corporation
$5.60 none
$66.00 none
UnitedHealth Group Incorporated
$165.00 none
Kindred Healthcare
$8.45 60%
China Biologic Products
$99.51 none
CONMED Corporation
$42.65 none
Mettler-Toledo International
$478.59 none
$274.82 none
Genomic Health
$31.56 none
$126.77 none
Acura Pharmaceuticals
$0.51 none
China Cord Blood Corporation
$6.21 none
Baxter International
$52.02 none