Stocks in Diagnostics & Research

Stocks in the Diagnostics & Research industry are also in the Healthcare sector.

Companies in the Healthcare sector are mostly pharmaceutical companies which make and sell drugs. Other companies perform biotechology and produce and sell medical equipment. One huge source of volatility in this sector is FDA approval of drugs. Another is the patent protection for new drugs.

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
$8.86 none
Enzo Biochem
$3.31 none
Bio-Rad Laboratories
$628.23 none
$178.47 none
Thermo Fisher Scientific
$594.80 none
Quidel Corporation
$114.88 none
$447.34 none
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
$142.30 none
National Research Corporation
$38.21 none
Waters Corporation
$333.73 none
Accelerate Diagnostics
$4.10 none
Genetic Technologies Limited
$1.82 none
Agilent Technologies
$144.68 none
ICON Public Limited Company
$266.39 none
Bruker Corporation
$70.72 none
$24.94 none
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
$276.08 none
$0.00 none
OPKO Health
$4.53 none
HTG Molecular Diagnostics
$4.04 none
Psychemedics Corporation
$7.17 none
Fulgent Genetics
$79.96 none
CareDx, Inc
$41.61 none
Cytosorbents Corporation
$3.22 none
Medpace Holdings
$176.55 none
Koninklijke Philips N.V.
$34.39 none
T2 Biosystems
$0.42 none
IQVIA Holdings
$247.34 none
Senseonics Holdings
$2.84 none
Invitae Corporation
$11.74 none
$0.98 none
Exact Sciences Corporation
$78.43 none
IDEXX Laboratories
$529.35 none
Organovo Holdings
$3.74 none
$28.16 none
Trinity Biotech plc
$1.39 none
$3.30 none
Guardant Health
$77.58 none
$405.14 none
Mettler-Toledo International
$1512.76 none
Meridian Bioscience
$20.82 none
Charles River Laboratories International
$355.01 none
Heska Corporation
$152.74 none
Lantheus Holdings
$27.29 none
Neogen Corporation
$38.92 none
$4.39 none
Danaher Corporation
$293.31 none