About Trendshare

We are small investors—employees, small business owners, friends, families, and neighbors.

Mission Statement

We believe that average people, just like us, can learn the principles of wise investing.

We teach that buying great companies and holding them for years helps businesses succeed and can produce great returns.

We commit to learning and passing on what we learn in ethical, responsible, and (above all) respectful ways. Come learn with us as we enjoy watching our investments grow!

Financial Guidelines

Trendshare does not provide specific advice on purchasing products or services (except for the well-known advice of investing in index funds).

Trendshare provides value investing analysis of thousands of stocks without specific editorial advice on individual stocks. All stocks are evaluated using the same algorithm:

  • What are the current metrics of the stock? (Price, P/E Ratio, Sector, Industry, Market Capitalization, etc.)
  • How do those metrics compare to other stocks in the same sector or industry?
  • Based on the 10K and 10Q reports filed with the SEC, what is the operating cash flow of the company over the past 5 or 10 years? (If this information is not available for at least 5 years, there is no analysis performed.
  • Given a desired annual return of 15% before taxes and fees, what is the present value of the investment analyzed over a period of ten years?
  • Given a margin of safety discount based on market capitalization, what is a safe price for the investment?

There is no human intervention in ranking, rating, or evaluating individual stocks.

Contact Us

For more information, please email us at info@trendshare.org.

Business Statement

Trendshare is a division of Big Blue Marble, LLC:

601 SW 2nd Avenue Suite 2100 Portland, OR 97204