Stocks in Biotechnology

Stocks in the Biotechnology industry are also in the Healthcare sector.

Companies in the Healthcare sector are mostly pharmaceutical companies which make and sell drugs. Other companies perform biotechology and produce and sell medical equipment. One huge source of volatility in this sector is FDA approval of drugs. Another is the patent protection for new drugs.

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
Allogene Therapeutics
$32.43 none
Theravance Biopharma
$18.76 none
$9.20 none
Rocket Pharmaceuticals
$50.06 none
$8.36 none
Novo Nordisk A/S
$69.22 none
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals
$6.10 none
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals
$3.20 none
Ampio Pharmaceuticals
$1.56 none
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
$6.44 none
Abeona Therapeutics
$2.08 none
Mateon Therapeutics
$0.22 none
Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.
$0.97 none
Syros Pharmaceuticals
$7.96 none
Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation
$2.49 none
Infinity Pharmaceuticals
$2.76 none
CTI BioPharma Corp.
$2.96 none
$9.13 none
$11.06 none
Anika Therapeutics
$38.13 none
American CryoStem Corporation
$0.93 none
Molecular Templates
$10.43 none
Viking Therapeutics
$6.55 none
Editas Medicine
$40.36 none
Arena Pharmaceuticals
$71.51 none
$0.07 none
CRISPR Therapeutics AG
$115.49 none
CASI Pharmaceuticals
$2.18 none
bluebird bio
$27.94 none
Kodiak Sciences
$111.67 none
BioMarin Pharmaceutical
$76.35 none
Zai Lab Limited
$133.07 none
Kura Oncology
$31.02 none
Akebia Therapeutics
$3.32 none
Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc
$160.45 none
Coherus BioSciences
$15.24 none
Adverum Biotechnologies
$10.96 none
Geron Corporation
$1.77 none
Aptose Biosciences
$3.71 none
aTyr Pharma
$4.44 none
Acceleron Pharma
$127.90 none
Denali Therapeutics
$58.70 none
Bio-Techne Corporation
$347.90 none
$3.23 none
Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
$141.71 none
$158.10 none
Omeros Corporation
$17.72 none
DBV Technologies S.A.
$5.02 none
Oncolytics Biotech
$3.05 none
Novozymes A/S
$61.18 none
Pieris Pharmaceuticals
$2.50 none
Inspyr Therapeutics
$0.01 none
Galapagos NV
$84.88 none
Sophiris Bio
$0.03 none
Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics
$3.52 none
Sage Therapeutics
$70.65 none
AVEO Pharmaceuticals
$8.15 none
Amarantus BioScience Holdings
$0.01 none
Acorda Therapeutics
$6.78 none
Sierra Oncology
$14.85 none
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals
$13.41 none
Rigel Pharmaceuticals
$3.58 none
$18.11 none
Revance Therapeutics
$25.71 none
Incyte Corporation
$77.50 none
Mirati Therapeutics
$181.00 none
Mersana Therapeutics
$18.09 none
NuCana plc
$4.65 none
Alexion Pharmaceuticals
$148.46 none
BioDelivery Sciences International
$4.02 none
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals
$42.96 none
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
$207.79 none
Opiant Pharmaceuticals
$13.29 70%
Atossa Therapeutics
$2.14 none
Rafael Holdings
$31.13 none
Catalyst Biosciences
$5.89 none
$39.21 none
Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.
$0.02 none
Kadmon Holdings
$4.65 none
Vanda Pharmaceuticals
$17.49 none
Esperion Therapeutics
$27.46 none
TG Therapeutics
$41.61 none
BeiGene, Ltd.
$289.22 none
Bellerophon Therapeutics
$6.41 none
Calithera Biosciences
$2.69 none
Dynavax Technologies Corporation
$8.47 none
Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals
$69.56 none
Champions Oncology
$11.70 none
Idera Pharmaceuticals
$4.23 none
Northwest Biotherapeutics
$1.38 none
ChromaDex Corporation
$9.58 none
Seattle Genetics
$145.45 none
BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
$3.62 none
$20.01 none
Wave Life Sciences Ltd.
$9.34 none
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
$137.37 none
Celldex Therapeutics
$25.20 none
Synthetic Biologics
$0.58 none
Aeglea BioTherapeutics
$7.15 none
Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings
$1.88 none
Puma Biotechnology
$10.70 none
ANI Pharmaceuticals
$28.40 none
Compugen Ltd.
$8.16 none
Selecta Biosciences
$3.81 none
Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation
$5.06 none
Amarin Corporation plc
$5.72 none
Intercept Pharmaceuticals
$19.33 none
KalVista Pharmaceuticals
$31.56 none
$4.31 none
Nektar Therapeutics
$22.38 none
Vericel Corporation
$40.41 none
China Biologic Products Holdings
$118.06 none
$33.73 none
Celsion Corporation
$1.85 none
Concert Pharmaceuticals
$6.16 none
$4.65 none
Galectin Therapeutics
$2.18 none
SIGA Technologies
$6.55 none
Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals
$7.45 none
Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
$3.60 none
$28.13 none
Ionis Pharmaceuticals
$51.27 none
BioLineRx Ltd.
$2.95 none
Sorrento Therapeutics
$8.81 none
$3.16 none
Aptevo Therapeutics
$32.88 none
MYM Nutraceuticals
$0.09 none
Titan Pharmaceuticals
$2.88 none
$25.75 none
Global Blood Therapeutics
$40.34 none
NanoString Technologies
$61.01 none
Trillium Therapeutics
$10.25 none
Aeterna Zentaris
$0.94 none
ObsEva SA
$3.37 none
$36.37 none
Provention Bio
$11.13 none
Insmed Incorporated
$37.29 none
$2.08 none
CymaBay Therapeutics
$4.58 none
North American Cannabis Holdings
$0.00 none
$0.71 none
$11.55 none
Five Prime Therapeutics
$38.00 none
Jounce Therapeutics
$11.45 none
Agios Pharmaceuticals
$47.33 none
Evogene Ltd.
$4.72 none
Neurocrine Biosciences
$92.97 none
Inovio Pharmaceuticals
$9.15 none
Enanta Pharmaceuticals
$49.84 none
Enzon Pharmaceuticals
$0.46 70%
Constellation Pharmaceuticals
$25.94 none
Atara Biotherapeutics
$15.89 none
$44.19 none
Intra-Cellular Therapies
$33.27 none
Global Cord Blood Corporation
$4.80 none
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals
$10.92 none
Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated
$23.86 none
Blueprint Medicines Corporation
$92.01 none
Acer Therapeutics
$2.85 none
Alkermes plc
$18.21 none
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals
$6.66 90%
Kindred Biosciences
$4.39 none
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
$449.38 none
Vitality Biopharma
$0.13 none
$0.27 none
Halozyme Therapeutics
$40.41 none
Clovis Oncology
$5.66 none
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
$118.63 none
Prothena Corporation plc
$21.18 none
Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc
$5.01 none
Amicus Therapeutics
$10.35 none
$20.26 none
$9.17 none
Ocular Therapeutix
$17.33 none
OncoSec Medical Incorporated
$5.36 none
Heron Therapeutics
$16.95 none
InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp.
$0.91 none
Sangamo Therapeutics
$11.23 none
CEL-SCI Corporation
$18.32 none
Actinium Pharmaceuticals
$7.93 none
Cleveland BioLabs
$5.89 none
Jaguar Health
$1.61 none
MannKind Corporation
$3.38 none
Marinus Pharmaceuticals
$15.90 none
ARCA biopharma
$3.98 none
PTC Therapeutics
$57.87 none
Axsome Therapeutics
$66.21 none
Voyager Therapeutics
$5.58 none
XOMA Corporation
$35.35 none
Cara Therapeutics
$18.08 none
ImmuCell Corporation
$9.35 none
XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.
$2.89 none
Anavex Life Sciences Corp.
$12.83 none
United Therapeutics Corporation
$160.34 none
$1.72 none
Iovance Biotherapeutics
$31.77 none
Verrica Pharmaceuticals
$13.34 none
Anthera Pharmaceuticals
$0.10 none
$31.94 none
VBI Vaccines
$2.98 none
$21.31 none
Intellia Therapeutics
$54.42 none
Sarepta Therapeutics
$82.16 none