Stocks in Auto Manufacturers

Stocks in the Auto Manufacturers industry are also in the Consumer Goods sector.

Companies in the Consumer Goods sector make and sell products to the average person like you and me. Think of soft drinks, food, paper products, and anything else you load into your grocery cart. This broad sector includes companies which sell essential things (you will still buy soap and deodorant even if the economy is bad) as well as companies which produce more luxury goods (you might cut down your imported dark chocolate budget if times are tight).

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
Ferrari N.V.
$231.01 none
General Motors Company
$57.76 none
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
$10.22 none
BYD Company Limited
$40.15 none
Kandi Technologies Group
$4.48 none
Daimler AG
$96.40 none
$1024.86 none
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
$30.00 100%
Suzuki Motor Corporation
$179.25 none
Suzuki Motor Corporation
$46.54 none
Toyota Motor Corporation
$172.23 none
Blue Bird Corporation
$19.80 none
NIO Limited
$41.27 none
Tata Motors Limited
$32.20 90%
Ford Motor Company
$16.00 none
Subaru Corporation
$9.87 none