Stocks in Telecom Services - Domestic

Stocks in the Telecom Services - Domestic industry are also in the Technology sector.

Companies in the Technology sector produce software and devices for consumers and businesses. Think of Apple on the consumer side and Cisco on the business side, as well as Facebook and Google on the software side. Technology companies face continual obsolescence of their product (so they have to keep investing in research and development) but can also grow from humble beginnings to huge businesses very quickly. They can also fall out of favor due to quick and sudden disruptive competition.

Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
Cellcom Israel Ltd.
$9.87 none
Fairpoint Communications
$17.30 50%
Frontier Communications Corporation
$1.91 80%
$39.91 30%
Shenandoah Telecommunications Company
$32.40 none
Verizon Communications
$46.67 none
$25.79 70%
ATN International
$71.48 20%
EarthLink Holdings Corp.
$5.63 60%
Windstream Holdings
$5.63 90%
Cincinnati Bell
$19.15 none
Consolidated Communications Holdings
$24.06 10%
$45.60 none
Alaska Communications Systems Group
$2.35 none