Stocks in Oil & Gas E&P

Stocks in the Oil & Gas E&P industry are also in the Energy sector.

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
Matador Resources Company
$50.39 none
Hess Corporation
$113.34 none
PDC Energy
$67.83 none
Panhandle Oil and Gas
$3.21 80%
Texas Pacific Land Trust
$1372.30 none
Murphy Oil Corporation
$35.22 30%
Canacol Energy Ltd
$2.11 none
$47.20 none
Diamondback Energy
$130.28 none
Marathon Oil Corporation
$27.26 none
Crescent Point Energy Corp.
$7.58 none
CNX Resources Corporation
$19.58 none
W&T Offshore
$5.58 90%
Gran Tierra Energy
$1.49 50%
Antero Resources Corporation
$35.28 none
$6.36 none
Amplify Energy Corp.
$7.38 none
New Zealand Energy Corp.
$0.08 none
Northern Oil and Gas
$27.63 none
CKX Lands
$11.00 none
EQT Corporation
$40.85 none
MV Oil Trust
$10.37 none
SM Energy Company
$37.56 70%
Laredo Petroleum
$62.75 80%
Southwestern Energy Company
$7.09 30%
Vermilion Energy
$19.32 none
MEG Energy Corp.
$15.97 none
New Concept Energy
$1.79 none
Houston American Energy Corp.
$3.45 none
Gear Energy Ltd.
$1.18 none
VOC Energy Trust
$7.20 none
Barnwell Industries
$2.90 none
Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust
$1.32 none
EOG Resources
$122.05 none
Earthstone Energy
$14.74 none
Mesa Royalty Trust
$14.61 none
New Source Energy Partners L.P.
$0.00 none
Cross Timbers Royalty Trust
$18.31 none
Dorchester Minerals, L.P.
$28.40 none
Ring Energy
$4.02 none
Range Resources Corporation
$28.18 none
Africa Oil Corp.
$1.91 none
Canadian Natural Resources Limited
$61.84 none
Birchcliff Energy Ltd.
$8.24 none
Pan Orient Energy Corp.
$0.74 none
$105.02 none
SandRidge Energy
$19.92 none
Enerplus Corporation
$12.66 50%
Callon Petroleum Company
$47.95 none
San Juan Basin Royalty Trust
$12.04 none
U.S. Energy Corp.
$3.83 none
Black Stone Minerals, L.P.
$14.98 none
Baytex Energy Corp.
$4.97 none