Stocks in Education & Training Services

Stocks in the Education & Training Services industry are also in the Services sector.

Companies in the Services sector span all sorts of industries, including grocery stores and other retail outlets. The behavior of stocks in this sector resembles that of stocks in the Consumer Goods sector. Be sure to distinguish between essential services (buying groceries) and non-essential services (buying tickets to an expensive concert or sporting event).

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
TAL Education Group
$6.52 none
$7.48 none
Lincoln Educational Services Corporation
$5.54 none
Graham Holdings Company
$596.93 30%
Adtalem Global Education
$37.08 none
American Public Education
$13.51 50%
$27.62 none
New Oriental Education & Technology Group
$33.32 none
National American University Holdings
$0.08 none
$32.93 none
Universal Technical Institute
$6.27 none
Grand Canyon Education
$105.72 none
Strategic Education
$80.18 none
China Online Education Group
$6.11 none