Stocks in Conglomerates

Stocks in the Conglomerates industry are also in the Conglomerates sector.

Companies in the Conglomerates sector do a lot of things. A company like Berkshire Hathaway (investment giant) fits here, as does a company like GE. Diversity is the word of the day for these companies. A conglomerate has its finger in a lot of pies, which means that some of its parts may lose money while others gain money, but that diversification also makes it easier to weather losses in one part and not others.

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
That Marketing Solution
$0.00 none
Industrea Acquisition Corp.
$10.20 none
AgroFresh Solutions
$6.75 none
Seaboard Corporation
$3731.03 none
$0.18 none
Green Technology Solutions
$0.02 none
Amanasu Techno Holdings Corporation
$0.01 none
Icahn Enterprises L.P.
$67.90 none