Stocks in Industrial Electrical Equipment

Stocks in the Industrial Electrical Equipment industry are also in the Industrial Goods sector.

Companies in the Industrial Goods sector make and sell heavy equipment for things like defense and construction. A Boeing or a Caterpillar may export lots of equipment to governments and corporations around the globe, so the state of the export market and global economy has a huge bearing on the behavior of their stocks. As well, the appetite for defense and aerospace spending can send these stocks up or let them tumble.

Discounted stocks in the index
Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
Allied Motion Technologies
$31.24 none
Preformed Line Products Company
$61.49 none
Capstone Turbine Corporation
$0.87 none
OSI Systems
$63.08 none
Altra Industrial Motion Corp.
$46.45 none
Ballard Power Systems
$3.37 none
Ultralife Corporation
$7.60 none
LSI Industries
$8.46 none
A. O. Smith Corporation
$65.54 none
Franklin Electric Co.
$44.45 none
Emerson Electric Co.
$72.99 none
Arotech Corporation
$3.40 none
American Superconductor Corporation
$4.61 none
$72.90 none