How to Invest

Welcome to our free How To Invest guide, a series of short, easy-to-read articles to help you learn the stock market.

You'd like to invest. You want to build wealth. Yet you find yourself in a maze of jargon and conflicting advice. How do you know who to trust and how do you enter a world of people who speak a different language? ETF, mutual funds, IRA, inflation, taxes—so much to learn!

You don't need a degree in finance to learn how to invest your money in stocks. You're eager, intelligent, and thoughtful. You need plain, clear explanations of the most important concepts. We never talk down to beginners. We're all learning how to invest, and we think you should be proud for starting your investment journey here.

Our library of investing articles will help you build your knowledge and your confidence. Apply these lessons and your investments will grow over the long term—it's how to make money in the stock market for beginners, novices, and anyone willing to learn!

How to Invest Articles

  1. What Makes a Risky Investment Risky?
  2. What is an Economic Moat for a Stock?
  3. Is There a Secret Formula to Pick Good Stocks?
  4. What is a Safe Investment?
  5. Why Do Companies Perform Stock Buybacks?
  6. How Do You Double Your Investment?
  7. What is a Good Annual Rate of Return?
  8. When Should You Sell a Good Stock?
  9. When is the Right Time to Buy a Stock?
  10. Always Choose Employer Matching 401k Contributions
  11. Should You Invest in ETFs?
  12. What Makes Good Stocks Good?
  13. When Should You Open a Roth IRA?
  14. What is dollar cost averaging?
  15. Are Annuities Good Investments?
  16. What is a Small Cap Stock?
  17. How Should You Invest $1000?
  18. What is Liquidity and Why Does it Matter?
  19. Should You Invest in Insurance Stocks?
  20. What is a Tenbagger Stock?
  21. What is the Difference Between Trading Stocks and Investing?
  22. How Do Stock Brokers Make Money?
  23. What is the Book Value of a Stock?
  24. What is the myRA Retirement Savings Account?
  25. What Did Quantitative Easing Do to the Stock Market?
  26. What is the Current Ratio and Why Does It Matter?
  27. Are Online College Stocks Worth Buying?
  28. Risks of Penny Stock Trading
  29. What is Free Cash Flow and Why Does it Matter?
  30. What is Online Stock Trading?
  31. Should You Invest in Gold?
  32. What is Discounted Cash Flow?
  33. What is a Discount Stock Broker?
  34. What is the P/E Ratio?
  35. How to Buy Dividend Paying Stocks
  36. Should Value Investors Time the Market?
  37. Why Do Companies Pay Dividends?
  38. How Do You Make Money with Penny Stocks?
  39. Why Does the Dow Change the Stocks it Tracks?
  40. What is the Stock Market?
  41. Should You Buy Stocks Online?
  42. What is a Hedge Fund?
  43. Buy the S&P Index Fund
  44. What is the Share Price of a Stock?
  45. Is Buying Stocks Online Safe?
  46. Understanding Investments Risk
  47. What is an Index Fund?
  48. What is a Stock Dividend?
  49. Stock Market How To
  50. What is Investment?
  51. Why Do Some Companies Not Pay Dividends?
  52. The Current Price of Silver Today
  53. What Do Stock Symbols Mean?
  54. Stocks and the Fiscal Cliff
  55. Facebook Stock Price and Value
  56. Stock Brokers and Investment Brokers
  57. Should You Invest in the Highest Dividend Paying Stocks?
  58. Should You Invest in Gold or Silver?
  59. Find a Great Investing Book
  60. Learn the Stock Market
  61. The Best Stocks to Buy Now
  62. Should You Buy Penny Stocks?
  63. What Happened in the Stock Market Today?
  64. Benjamin Graham, Value Investor
  65. How to Invest in Stocks
  66. How to Pick Good Stocks
  67. Find a Broker
  68. When Stocks Go on Sale
  69. Happily Ignoring IPOs
  70. Margin of Safety
  71. Free Cash Flow Jitter
  72. Dividend Reinvesting
  73. All About Present Value
  74. All About Intrinsic Value
  75. Before You Buy
  76. Simplified Earnings with Cash Yield
  77. The Quick Debt and Asset Test
  78. Earnings Matter Most
  79. Rethinking Loss
  80. The Dow, S&P 500, and NASDAQ
  81. When (Not) to Pay Broker Fees
  82. What is Value Investing?
  83. The Buy and Hold Philosophy