Stocks in Diversified Machinery

Stocks in the Diversified Machinery industry are also in the Industrial Goods sector.

Companies in the Industrial Goods sector make and sell heavy equipment for things like defense and construction. A Boeing or a Caterpillar may export lots of equipment to governments and corporations around the globe, so the state of the export market and global economy has a huge bearing on the behavior of their stocks. As well, the appetite for defense and aerospace spending can send these stocks up or let them tumble.

Company Current Price Current Price Discount
10 years
Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation
$14.95 none
China Yuchai International Limited
$17.71 60%
The Gorman-Rupp Company
$29.90 none
Powell Industries
$34.58 none
$36.50 none
General Electric Company
$29.55 none
Colfax Corporation
$39.90 none
Illinois Tool Works
$139.76 none
Tennant Company
$73.90 none
Donaldson Company
$46.09 none
Curtiss-Wright Corporation
$92.90 none
IDEX Corporation
$102.09 none
$23.93 none
Honeywell International
$129.79 none
Generac Holdings
$36.72 none
Roper Technologies
$213.73 none
$96.83 none
Flowserve Corporation
$49.35 none
Danaher Corporation
$82.46 none
AZZ incorporated
$59.10 none
$149.10 none
Crane Co.
$77.91 none
The ExOne Company
$9.88 none
$40.70 none
John Bean Technologies Corporation
$91.05 none
Rockwell Automation
$156.95 none
Zebra Technologies Corporation
$93.02 none
Briggs & Stratton Corporation
$24.28 none
Raven Industries
$30.35 none
$56.58 none
Hudson Technologies
$6.79 none
Broadwind Energy
$9.21 none
$61.60 none
3M Company
$194.23 none
Nordson Corporation
$123.35 none
The Middleby Corporation
$139.13 none
Thermon Group Holdings
$20.46 none
Regal Beloit Corporation
$78.10 100%
Xerium Technologies
$6.64 none
Manitex International
$7.00 none
$36.85 none
Dover Corporation
$80.66 none